Ultimate Guide to Creating a DIY Logo Sticker in Easy Steps Using Logo AI

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on August 15, 2023

Efficient branding plays a vital role in every type of business or service to make your brand recognisable.

One of the most powerful tools to acquire is a well-designed logo sticker.

People may forget your business name. But when they see your logo, they will recognise it instantly. Especially if they have the best customer experience with your brand.

A poor logo design makes people leave or avoid it because your product might look untrusted or illegitimate.

“According to research, 94% of people create first impressions that are design related. The remaining 6% was about the actual content.” —  CXL

With the ever-going short-span attention of humans, it pays to be more creative and connected whilst staying true to your brand values and personality.

That way, you can convey the message using the right colours, shapes, and designs for your logo.

If graphic design is not your forte, do not worry!

You can create a DIY logo sticker that speaks to your brand values, mission, & vision.

How? You can use an AI Logo Maker. But note that acquiring their service requires payment when you use the logo.

You can decide on that later once you are done with your artwork. But for now, let us start digging deep into designing the easy and DIY way.

We will use Logo AI to help you get started! 

Step 1: Go to the Logo AI website and log in using your Gmail credentials.


Step 2: Click “Let’s make a logo” to start your creative journey.


Step 3: Enter your Logo Name and Slogan (optional).


Step 4: Next is to select your industry. Then choose what colour schemes and font styles fit your branding.




Point your mouse cursor to each of the fonts without clicking them. Each font indicates famous brands that use them. 

You can explore and experiment until you finally decide what suits better for your business.

Step 5: These are some of the samples AI gave when I typed in “Uncle Brew’s Coffee” as my logo name and “Indulge Delightfully” as my slogan. They were plenty, by the way.


Step 6: After choosing the one you like, you can start customising its style, layout, fonts, and colours.


This is where you need to decide what type of logo you prefer for your business.

Step 7: Logo AI also provides a sneak peek when your business logo is used in different marketing tools. 



They help you visualise when your business logo is printed on various materials.

From coffee cup, business card, T-shirt, custom paper bag, web & mobile UI design, billboards, sign, and more. Everything is well incorporated and stays consistent.

Note that the colour scheme must resonate with your branding, and texts must be easy to read.









Seven Types of Logo

If you are confused about what type of logo works best for your business, no worries! There are seven types of logos, and we will help you understand their differences and uses with samples. They are:

Wordmark or Logotype 
- it is a standalone word.

  • Use the wordmark logo if you are a start-up business owner wanting to get your name out there. Be sure they're not too long.
    • Examples:  FedEx, Coca-Cola, or Google


fedex    googlecoke

Lettermark or Monogram Logo 
- contains only one letter or abbreviation.

  • Use a lettermark logo to simplify your design if you have a long business name. This way, customers could recall your brand name or logo easily.
    • Examples: 2 C's of Chanel, CNN, or LV for Louis Vuitton


Logomark or Pictorial Mark 
- contains a symbol only.

  • Use a pictorial mark logo to describe your business graphically or if you have a long business name. This can be tricky sometimes because it can be effective for businesses with established names already in the industry. But this is still all up to you and how you want to convey your brand message through creating a well-designed logo.
    • Examples: Nike, Apple for MAC products, or Twitter Bird for Twitter

nike  apple twitter


- it is a combination of a wordmark, lettermark, or logomark within a shape that is essential to the design.

  • Emblems are popular with schools, public agencies, and some private businesses when creating an icon or symbols such as crests, seals or badges. And if you prefer this type of logo, remember to keep the tiniest details in mind and play it safe. Be sure that they print neatly across other marketing materials.
    • Examples: Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles, Starbucks, or Paramount

harley starbucks paramount


Abstract Logo Mark 
- a type of pictorial logo with an abstract geometric form.

  • While abstract marks may be the best to create a unique image to represent your business, you might need the help of a professional graphic designer. They understand best how colour, shape, and structure could create deeper meaning once combined.
    • Examples: Pepsi, Adidas, or Olympics


pepsiadidas  olympic

Mascot Logo 
- logos with illustrated characters, fun, colourful, and sometimes cartoonish.

  • Use a mascot if the nature of your business wants to appeal to families with young children. This is the best way to engage with your target audience and encourage customer interaction. But remember, when you use this type of logo, it may not print well on other print marketing tools, especially if it needs a highly detailed illustration. You may want to use an alternative logo that is permanent.
    • Examples: KFC, Quaker, or Pringles


kfc  quaker pringles


Combination Mark 
- a combination of a wordmark or lettermark + pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot to create an image.

  • A combination mark is one of the most popular choices among top leading companies and many businesses. This is because of its versatility and the ability to create a highly unique logo.
    • Examples: Burger King, Master Card, or Lacoste


burger-king mastercard lacoste


Why Logo Sticker is Vital in Your Business

Here are some of the reasons why logo sticker is a must in your business marketing tool:

Cost-efficient Marketing Tool

Custom stickers are an inexpensive marketing tool that offers a significant impact. You can save more, especially when you print in bulk orders. Stickers are handy, making them easy to distribute.

Customers help promote your business organically and become brand ambassadors whether they receive or use your stickers. This type of marketing campaign is cheap yet can spark conversation and curiosity.

Boost Brand Awareness

Placing logo stickers on different surfaces or items can boost brand visibility and awareness. Say you will include them in your packaging as freebies or giveaways. Customers might use these stickers to stick on their laptops, car windows, water bottles, and other personal items. 

It helps reinforce your brand identity to a wider audience and is the best way to attract new customers who come across these stickers.

Create First Impression

Well-designed logo stickers can leave a lasting impression and generate a word-of-mouth referral. It has to be unique, evoke emotion, be visually appealing, and be creative. With that, it can capture the attention of many and generate curiosity about your brand.

Be sure to use high-quality stickers that fit your needs. But it depends on what type of product you offer. Just remember, if it is for indoor use and dry products, paper stickers work best. But if the nature of your product is often exposed outdoors, to heat, freeze, moisture, or water, vinyl stickers are recommended.

Personalised Products

Incorporating these stickers with your products or packaging makes the item uniquely personalised. You are giving the customers a great experience because of the personal touch you added. It shows you pay attention to every detail and care about product presentation.

This small gesture can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty. It encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Versatile & Customisable

Die cut stickers are popular when printing logo stickers because of their custom shape and intricate design. They offer versatility which makes them a great advertising tool. Their flexibility allows you to use them in business signs, giveaways, trade shows, events, direct mail campaigns, outdoor advertising, and more. Plus, they can be applied on various surfaces such as paper, glass, plastic, fabric, and wall.

These stickers suit different purposes depending on the material. So always use the one that meets your specifications.

Final Thoughts

Creating a business logo may be challenging. Thanks to advanced technology, you can now design easily with the help of Logo AI. And when thinking what is the best type of logo you must create, consider those seven types above. Remember that each colour, font, shape, or icon you include must reflect your branding. But if you want to enhance your artwork, a reliable sticker printing company can adjust it according to your specifications.