Artwork Guide

File Format

ai icon
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AI or PDF is the recommended file format for printing.

We also accept JPEG / EPS / PSD / TIFF format that has good resolution (300 DPI or higher)

If you would like to use a different format, please contact our customer support.

·Difference between AI and JPEG

ai or eps vector file

AI / EPS (Vector)

Results in crisp and fine printing quality.
Resolution does not change no matter how big the print is.

jpeg image file

JPEG (Image)

Low quality images result in pixelated and blurry printing.
The bigger the print is, the lesser quality it produces.



Square or Rectangle

  • Square or Rectangle
  • Circle or Oval
  • without border
    Without Border



  • Background Bleed (54x54mm)

    Movement of 1-2mm may occur during
    cutting process. Please extend the
    background colour (if any) to this line.

  • Trim Line (50x50mm)

    It is the actual size of the
    printed product.

  • Inside Safety Bleed (46x46mm)

    Please include the important contents and
    designs within the inside the safety bleed.


  • Please make sure that your design is set in CMYK colour mode for printing.

  • CMYK is the colour scheme used for mixing colour in graphic designs,
    while RGB is associated with electronic displays, such as TV screens, monitors, camera, etc.

cmyk colour mode

CMYK mode

rgb colour mode

RGB mode


  • Images with resolution at 300DPI or higher is recommended.

  • Images created for websites generally have a resolution of 72 DPI (Dots Per Inch). This is much lower than what is required for good quality print.
    If the artwork is supplied at a low resolution, the printed image may appear blurred, jagged and rough.

300 dpi

300dpi or higher

72 dpi



  • Please make sure the fonts are outlined if you are working on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

  • If the fonts are not outlined, the designated fonts may be replaced with other fonts or may be displayed incorrectly.

create font outline

After selecting the font to be outlined, right-click and select Create Outlines. [Shift+Ctrl +O]

not outlined font

Non-outlined font

outlined font

Outlined font


  • If there are image files added to your design, please make sure they are embedded.

  • If images are not embedded properly, they would not be found or displayed properly.


Click Embed in Control Panel.


  • It is recommended to design with fonts of 4pt or more. Small characters may be crushed and difficult to read.

  • Please design and create a line thickness of 0.25pt or more. Thin lines or small designs may not be visible once printed on sticker.

font size 4 pt stroke 0.25 and less

Font size more than 4pt / Stroke 0.25pt and less

font size 4 pt stroke 0.25 and more

Font size more than 4pt / Stroke 0.25pt and more


  • Cutting movement of 1 to 2mm will not be subject to defects due to mechanical tolerances. Please consider carefully before designing.

design with border final proof
design with border cutting movement

Design with border >>> The misalignment becomes more obvious.

design without border final proofing
design without border cutting movement

Design without border >>> The misalignment is less obvious without the uneven border. [Recommended]