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How Mirrorkote Stickers Associate Art Paper Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on November 21, 2018

When it comes to stickers, the main debate has always been regarding the materials used. Stickers can either be paper or vinyl. Each type offers unique features and advantages over the other. The choice you make will depend on what your requirements are. Let's take mirrokote sticker as an example.

What is Mirrorkote Sticker?

I know you are familiar with Mirror Coated stickers offered by other online design and sticker companies. Others like SingaPrinting, like to call these Mirrorkote stickers since this is how it became popular in some places like Singapore.


But there are various reasons too why companies call this Mirrorkote or Mirror Coated stickers: 

1. The paper used is cast coated. Meaning, the quality of paper used is high-gloss that has a mirror-like finish.
2. Noticeably enough, the base paper is first coated with fine pigments and binder (adhesive), then through contact drying the coated surface is coated again on the chrome-plated cylindrical casting drum.
3. A high-gloss printing that is perfect for food labels, consumer goods, and the likes.
4. Guaranteed to have excellent printability and is eye-catching. The sizes available are upon request in different cutting styles.

As time passes by, innovations continue and so as sticker developments must adapt to certain demands too. Common these days are Mirrorkote stickers made from Art Paper Stickers. For the reason that our art paper stickers have all the varieties perfect for Mirrorkote stickers.

Art Paper Stickers are available in the following finishes: Gloss, matte, and uncoated. These three varieties are made equally from premium materials that can serve a broad range of uses. Art paper stickers can be used as mailers and for stock labelling.

Although to be very honest, the major concern about art paper stickers is their vulnerability to extreme weather conditions. Elements such as temperature changes, and moisture affect the quality of the art paper sticker as days pass. More exposure to moisture, the quicker they fade fast. With no lamination to protect the surface, scratches, rubs, and writings are quick to damage the quality of stickers.

Send us your design now! Feel free to let us know what your specifications are. You have the freedom to create at SingaPrinting. We promise not to ever compromise the quality even if we remain the most affordable sticker printing provider in town.