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Get the Recognition from Business Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on August 31, 2020

If you think your business has what it takes to be seen on a global scale, you should always think that handling an international business is difficult and can be risky because you don't know how other countries will react to your product. Offering shopping worldwide can be a challenge too because it is expensive and you need to coordinate with an international courier for the fulfillment of deliveries. These are only a few of the challenges that you’re going to face when you’re about to embark on that journey but if you’ve overcome all of it, rest assured that it is all worth it.

Make your way to the top and win the hearts of every customer with custom stickers and here’s how.

Put a label on it

To ensure that the package is shipped safely, you should put handle it with care or fragile vinyl stickers in order to give the courier a heads up that they shouldn’t mishandle the products. When the package arrives at your customer’s address, they’ll appreciate that there is no dent in their package or broken items.

fragile custom stickers

Don’t forget your business’ basic information

Whether it’s email, phone/landline number, address, or your business's social media handles, it is necessary to attach it in the package so that they will think their feedback matters whether it is negative or positive feedback, you are all ears for improvement. Make sure that all the information attached to the package is actively used. 


Write down the list of orders

Use a classic paper sticker to your package so that you can list down their orders and make the delivery process easier on your courier’s part too. This method will help your customers have a little sneak peek at what’s inside and once they open it they will double-check if it coincides with the list. On the other hand, your official courier hassle-free delivery and fewer chances of misdelivered packages.

freebies custom stickers

Give special freebies 

Wanting ways to spend less on the advertising aspect, giving away bumper, decals, or custom vinyl as freebies is a great tactic for advertising your brand without compromising your budget. To know more about how this trick works on your customers, you can get new insights into reading one of our previous blogs entitled, how effective stickers are as freebies.

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