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6 Ways to Choose the Unique Candle Label Materials

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on April 24, 2023

Thinking of turning your passion for making handmade candles into a profitable business?

It is always possible!

But know that the journey is not easy. Think of unique ways and clever marketing strategies to stand out from competitors.

“In 2023, the revenue in the Candle Segments got a total of US$48.28m. The candle market is predicted to increase by 4.66% (CAGR 2023-2027).” — Statista

Your candle business could flourish and be profitable if done well.

Your product must be recognisable to the market by making it presentable.

To do that, you must choose the appropriate type of wax, jar, packaging, labelling, and more. Every element will serve its definite purpose to complement your product.

Candle labelling differs your brand from the other and provides crucial information about what the product contains. It also helps the customer to recognise your brand by seeing it.


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Without further ado, below are the seven ways to choose unique candle label materials to decide better:


1. Consider the Type of Wax

Before you even think of what labelling materials will fit your product, consider the type of wax you will use first. Different wax has different properties that affect the label material. For example, soy wax tends to produce a frosted or matte finish. It will look best with a label that has a similar texture.

‌Choose a sticker material that complements the design and is also resistant to oil, grease, and heat. The type of candle you make will play a crucial role in determining the type of material you need.


2. Think About the Container

The type of container or jar could also impact what sticker material you choose. Say you were using mason jar candles, transparent stickers or standard vinyl stickers might be a better fit.

‌It is a case-to-case basis and not a one-size-fits-all. Be more particular with the candles and jars you use to pick the appropriate labelling tool. Know that different materials work better for different types of containers, such as glass jars, tin cans, or ceramic vessels.


3. Look for Durability

Candle labels should be durable enough to withstand heat and moisture, as well as normal handling and shipping. Consider materials that are water-resistant, tear-resistant, and heat-resistant.

‌Both paper stickers and vinyl stickers are best recommended candle labelling tools. That being said, it varies from the type of candle and jar you will use to complement one another.


4. Compare Different Materials

Comparing different materials also helps you determine the right tool. How? You can request a sample pack from your trusted sticker printing company. Then test it on your jar to get the feel of it.

‌Ensure the colour scheme, fonts, materials, and finishes reflect your brand personality. But if you want a luxurious and metallic touch to your labelling, you can have it stamped with gold foil.


5. Consider the Cost

Considering the cost is crucial and reasonable. It will help you determine if the expenses are worth it for that material and its ROI. You do not have to buy candle stickers in large quantities yet, especially if you are starting out.

‌You can start printing 50-100 quantities. You can always explore and try more until you find the more suitable one. It pays to keep innovating to stand out from the crowd.


Partner-with-Trusted-Printing- Service

6. Partner with Trusted Printing Service

Being tight with your cash flow is understandable, and you prefer DIY candle labels. But you cannot deny that relying on a trusted sticker printing service is far better.


‌Because it is less hassle on your part to do all the work. You only need to submit your design to get an online proof. They could suggest the most appropriate tools you never knew existed. Plus, they print high-quality stickers to get the best outcome on your end.

Final Thoughts

‌Choosing the appropriate candle label materials can help boost brand visibility. Remember that it only takes 7 seconds to impress your target customers. They will judge the product and your business based on how you present it to the market. Ensure your candle labels provide all the necessary information, are designed carefully, and are packed professionally.