Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers are waterproof and tear-proof, even weatherproof for certain kinds.
Your go-to choice for durable and outdoor stickers. Printed from excellent quality material making them perfect on skincare products, frozen food, automobiles, and more.


Transparent Stickers

Prominent Waterproof Clear Stickers

Clear vinyl stickers are printed in full colour & help achieve a seamless look on
your product. A popular waterproof labelling material perfect for cosmetic labels, glass
surfaces, vehicles, & more. Since printed colours are translucent, their colour may
change depending on the surface it is applied compared to when printed with white ink.

transparent sticker
no white spot

No White Spot

A natural clear vinyl print for transparent stickers.
Thus, it produces a dull output of the colours depending on the surface of the background upon applying.

with white print

With White Print

This can be applied to the material and
produce vibrant colours on the design.
Hence, the best option for dark background applications.