6 Tips to Use Custom Stickers to Promote Your Bakery Business

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on July 27, 2023

What makes a good bakery that draws people to buy your baked goods?

One of the best things that attract potential customers is the aroma of freshly baked products. It gives a cosy feeling and awakens their cravings.

But there is more to it than that. Good customer service, delightful taste, store ambience, and how you present the product to the audience all matter.

❝According to Statista, the bakery products in Singapore are expected to hit its retail sales value of up to 423 million U.S. dollars.❞

Know that you have multiple competitors, such as other bakery shops, coffee shops, and cafes that serve various pastries and baked goods.

The takeaway?

Your product must stand out and influence your customer’s buying decisions. But how?

Use custom stickers to promote your bakery business.


Photo by: Honeypeachsg

Without further ado, below are the following reasons why stickers help foster brand awareness and promote your baked goods.


Create Eye-catching Designs

Custom stickers are an excellent marketing strategy to promote your bakery business. So create eye-catching designs to be visually appealing and grab people's attention. See that the colour scheme, images, and logo are incorporated across your branding. 

The more unique and creative your stickers are, the more likely people will use them and promote your business. It has to win a positive first impression.


Use High-quality Materials

Be very careful when choosing sticker materials for your bakery business. Why? Because The quality of your bakery stickers will always reflect directly on your products. You do not want to give them a perception that you offer low-quality products and services, right?

If you want something cheaper, paper stickers are highly recommended. It has various finishes and materials to choose from. You can get a luxurious touch for product packaging without hurting your budget. 


Apply Stickers in Packaging / Bakery Boxes

Stickers are cheap to produce yet, helpful in promoting business and generating a massive audience. It pays to apply stickers to your packaging, bakery box, and coffee cups to boost brand recognition. Remember, when customers buy your product, it will travel from one place to another.

Chances are, it will be seen by many unaware people about your bakery's existence. And if it is well-designed and professionally made, they might get curious and become your customer. Placing stickers in your packaging makes the audience more accustomed to your brand.


Use as Freebies or Giveaways

Stickers are flexible and can be used for freebies or giveaways. Create promotional stickers to engage with your customers. This marketing tool is budget-friendly. The design must be engaging, eye-catchy, and with excellent quality materials.

Give something your customers would be proud to stick to their personal items. They will be the ones to do the advertising for you for free. It would help boost brand awareness and create word-of-mouth referrals.


Plastered on Vehicles

Another way to advertise your baked goods is by plastering bumper stickers or car decals on your vehicle. Why? Because it is a cheaper way to create portable mini billboards and get the message on the road.

Imagine the number of people seeing your advertising while stuck in traffic. But first, your ads must reflect what you offer. Second, your design has to be catchy enough to hook the attention of your target audience.



Decorate Your Storefront

Say potential customers are passing by near your bakery shop, and they happen to smell the aroma of your newly-baked goods. They look for it and decide to give your product a try. Now you should win their first impression by being consistent in your branding. 

Consider how you present your product to how you design the interior and exterior of your shop.

This is why decorating your storefront with stickers is essential to create a beautiful ambience. You can use vinyl lettering stickers to add business hour operation or wall decals for your logo. 

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that the market size of the bakery business is huge. Your competitors adopt innovative ways to attract more customers. You do not want to be left behind, right? Employing custom stickers in your marketing tools helps get the message across while being consistent in your branding.