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5 Best Tips to Make Unique Personalised Gifts Using Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on March 01, 2023

Have you already experienced what it feels like to receive gifts from someone that is unique and personalised?

It feels good, right? How about sharing that experience with someone dear to you?

Giving gifts to someone on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other events can be draining.

You might think that they already have everything. And now, you find it confusing what to give to them.

Sure it gives you a headache at times. But that should not discourage you because there is always a way to surprise them the least they expect it.

Did you know that giving unique personalised gifts is ideal?

Buying an expensive gift is one thing. But putting a lot of care and thoughts into how you will present it to the recipient creates an impact.

"People love personalised gifts because it has something to do with the effort, thought and care you put into them. It creates impact emotionally compared to any other ordinary gifts." — Budsies

It is not about how expensive or cheap the gifts are. It is about you exerting much effort to make the gifts unique and special.

So how do you make unique personalised gifts using custom stickers? Find it out below:

Personalised Gifts With Custom Stickers

Imagine buying a gift for someone. You think that your recipient will like it because it reflects their personality. While this may be true, you were procrastinating because many people also possess the same item.

This is where employing custom stickers is a brilliant idea to personalise your gifts. Die cut stickers are versatile and can create unique shapes and designs. You could also add a thoughtful message that makes your recipient smile when they look at it.

Adding a personal touch is what makes your gift unique.


Photo by: TheGreySpace.Co


Create a Pet Sticker

Thinking of the best gift for someone who is a pet lover? Surprise them with a pet sticker… As in their pet as a sticker. Cause why not? It could be one of the greatest treasures they will ever receive because pets are always dearest to their owners.

You can design your own or submit a picture of your recipient’s four-legged friend to us. We will customise and print it on high-quality paper or vinyl-based stickers. Make that gift stand out.


Describe Their Personality in Multicut Sticker Sheet

Another unique personalised gift idea is to describe the personality traits of your recipient in a multi-cut sticker sheet. You can make multiple stickers in one sheet with different shapes and designs. Highlight what you like most about them and interpret that personality into stickers.

The stickers can be added to the other gifts you want to give. Let them decide where to put them. Your goal here is to make your gift unique by adding a personal touch.


Personalised Water Bottles

Reminding someone to stay hydrated is one of the sweetest acts you could show. When you plan to give them water bottles, it is best to personalise them using custom stickers. Make the design related to their likes and interests. A simple design like You Can Do It is also excellent.

It reminds them that someone cares for them and will appreciate your gift even more. Nothing beats personalised items with a design that is keen on details. You can see these guides to help you personalise water bottles with stickers.

Photo-Stickers-With-Shared- Memories

Photo Stickers With Shared Memories

Have you ever done giving photo stickers to someone you shared unforgettable memories with? If not, this is the best time to take it to another level of gift-giving. Since you were contemplating the best presents you will give, photo stickers can work in your favour.

Giving something with sentimental value pays off no matter the price. It is not about the money, but the effort, time, and dedication you put through it. They would surely appreciate it.

Final Thoughts

The list goes on when it comes to making unique personalised gifts for friends, family, or special someone. Above are only the top five you can consider while thinking of the best ideas. If this is something you have not tried yet, make the most of it. You will never know what their reactions are until you do and try.