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Three Sticker Finishes You Must Know

Posted by SingaPrinting on January 19, 2021

Every business owner is looking for ways on how to please their customers and at the same time maintain their allotted budget for advertising. With custom stickers, you can achieve pleasing your customers and keep your budget intact because they are incredibly affordable and multi-use too. Whether it’s for your product packaging or promotional use, you can always rely on them. When you finally decide to take advantage of all of these amazing benefits, you need to know three common label finishes and this blog will help you to identify these three finishes so that you won’t have a hard time choosing the right one. 

Gloss Lamination 

If you want your stickers to shine effortlessly, choose the gloss finish because it provides a mirror-like appearance that makes it very attractive to the eyes. It is one of the go-to label finishes to accentuate business logos, and it also has a remarkably wide range of applications such as product packaging and for brand advertising where you can use it for free giveaways for customers and passersby to enjoy using it and subtly promote your brand to other people too. 

mirror like custom stickers

Matte Lamination 

If you are not into the glossy finish and your aim is to add that prestige-feel into your products, you can always choose our matte finish labels. This is known for its tactile effect that makes it look luxurious and leaves a good lasting impression on buyers who come across your products.  It is commonly used for product packaging and for writable stickers too such as an address, shipping, ID, and any kind of label that can be written on permanent markers or ballpoint pens. 

matte lamination personalized stickers


If you want subtle shine with a hint of a matte finish, don’t worry you’ll get it both when you choose the uncoated finish. It is typically characterized by a semi-glossy finish that is best for indoor use and other temporary outdoor applications.

uncoated label stickers

You’ll never go wrong with stickers because it has remarkable three finishes that either way will help with your business needs and all you have to do is choose one and rely on a dependable sticker printing company to help you produce premium custom labels in a timely manner. Here at SingaPrinting, we are able to produce high-quality printing products at an affordable price and if you need more reasons to choose us compared to our competitors, we offer the fastest turnaround time Singapore-wide. Choose us today and you’ll get unexpected limited promos and offers that await you.