Advantages of Using Mirrorkote Stickers

7 Advantages of Using Mirrorkote Stickers for Your Products

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on October 21, 2020

Making a product stand out and noticeable to the audience is one hell of a challenge for every business owner.

It takes a concrete marketing strategy and tools before the actual execution.

Say you want a vegan homebaked goods business. Cater it to vegan customers. Positioning your product to the right audience makes it easy to know their pain points and needs.

Create a business plan and study your market. 

Why? Because it helps you outline your goals, identify your target market, plan your marketing strategies, assess your competition, and establish a financial forecast. 

It serves as a roadmap for your business and helps you make informed decisions.

“According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers globally are more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family than other forms of advertising.”


The data above shows how valuable it is to gain customers’ trust and loyalty. Because they will be the ones to do the marketing for you through word-of-mouth referrals.

How you would do that has something to do with your product’s unique selling point.

Offering your product alone is not enough. You must show your target customers what makes your baked goods stand out.

This is where mirrorkote stickers can add different flavours and complement your baked goods packaging presentation.

But first…

What is Mirrorkote Sticker?

Mirrorkote stickers or mirror-coated film is a type of sticker material that is cast-coated and has a shiny and reflective surface. The coating gives the stickers a vibrant appearance and enhances their durability. 

The reflective nature of Mirrorkote stickers can make them visually appealing and attention-grabbing, particularly when exposed to light.

mirrorkote sheet stickers

Is Mirrorkote Sticker Waterproof?

Apparently not! Mirrorkote stickers are a paper-based sticker material with a glossy coating that provides some resistance to moisture. But this sticker type is non-waterproof nor water resistant.

You can only use them to dry products like your baked goods for product branding and labelling. 

Exposing it long enough to water or excessive moisture can potentially affect the adhesive properties of stickers and will lose their adherence to surfaces. 

Now that you know what a mirrorkote sticker is, let us dig deeper to know its seven advantages in your bakery products.

non-waterproof mirrorkote stickers

Appealing Visually


Adding mirrorkote stickers in your bakery box for packaging or labelling is a great complement to make it visually appealing. This is why business owners in Singapore, especially in the food sector, uses this tool in their marketing campaign. Its mirror-like finish can give your product a premium and sophisticated look.

Pay attention not only to the product itself but also to how you present it. Product presentation is everything because it conveys a message to the audience without uttering a word. That way, you can convince them why they should purchase from you instead of your competitors.

esse bakery mirrorkote circle stickers

Cost-effective Tool


Many businesses are now paying attention to the usefulness of stickers in their marketing campaign. Why? Because it is cost-effective and able to get the public attention if designed well. If you compare it to other forms of advertising, custom mirrorkote stickers have got what it takes.

You can save more when you order them in bulk. You should learn how to scale up your business, especially if you are a start-up. See that you gain more profit than your expenses. Only then can you start to expand without staking your cash flow.

cookies by ally mirrorkote stickers

Easy to Apply


These sticky labels come with a backing that is easy to peel off, allowing for quick and hassle-free application to your products. It is way more convenient during the packaging or labelling of bakery boxes because of its time efficiency. 

You can have them printed on a sheet or a roll supply for swift application, enabling you to streamline your operations.

roll mirrorkote stickers

Improve Brand Visibility


Improving your brand visibility should be one of your main goals to achieve a recognisable brand. Does it matter? A lot! 

Imagine you have many muffins ordered. You pour out your heart baking, full of love and passion for what you do. Only put them in a plain box without leaving a trace of your brand. How will everyone suppose to know your products?

Plastering stickers outside the box with your business name and logo makes it easy for people to remember your brand.

charlie bakery round mirrorkote stickers

Versatile and Flexible


Another advantage of using this sticker is its flexibility and versatility to create an impact on your branding. It can serve as your bakery label, such as putting information about what the product contains, its expiration dates, brand history, and more.

You can also use them as promotional stickers, such as freebies or giveaways in every purchase. It can also serve as a decorative touch in your packaging to enhance the visual appeal of various products. They can be customised to suit different sizes, shapes, and designs, providing flexibility in application.

lazy oaf mirrorkote stickers

Excellent Quality


Mirrorkote stickers might be cheap, but their quality is never compromised. This is why many business owners have taken advantage of this marketing tool. Since its material is paper-based, it is not waterproof or water-resistant. 

But its glossy appearance creates a professional and attractive appeal making your product stand out.

bakehouse circle mirrorkote stickers

Give Competitive Advantage


One of the best advantages of this print marketing tool is its ability to give your homebaked goods a competitive edge. How? By showcasing how your product differs from the other and enhancing its perceived value. Once this sticker is plastered on your packaging, its mirror-like appearance and glossy finish create a premium touch to the product. 

Make sure that your designs complement your brand values and personality. Customers are often willing to pay more for goods that perceive higher value, giving your baked goods a competitive edge.

kiss cut mirrorkote stickers

Final Thoughts

Starting a new business is no easy job. The first few years will test your patience and endurance whether or not you can make it. But hang in there because every entrepreneur starts there, and you are no exception. We hope that you find the insights above helpful in your marketing campaign.