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Stickers Applications and Immersions

Posted by SingaPrinting on April 01, 2019

A lot of people ask: Are stickers waterproof? It depends. Yes, because it all depends on the materials required. For instance, paper-based material stickers are generally NOT waterproof.

These type of stickers, however, can be made water-resistant by adding a plastic laminate or something similar like a water-impermeable coating on it. A UV coating on card stock, for instance, adds water-resistance on the side where it is applied. Conversely speaking, stickers that use an adhesive and that dissolves or degrades in water also can’t be considered waterproof. Furthermore, stickers that use water-soluble inks and pigments are not to be considered as well.

For it to be considered waterproof, adhesive materials and inks used must be capable of surviving immersions for extended periods. Vinyl and bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) are two of the most common materials for weatherproof stickers. A professional printer will normally use the appropriate waterproof inks with these stocks. However, given the differences between different sticker makers, it’s impossible to tell for sure if stickers are waterproof until they have been tested.

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The safest way to test waterproofing is to request a sample from your sticker company. Many online printers, including SingaPrinting, provide free stock samples that could be tested on client's products.


Outdoor use. Stickers meant for extended outdoor use, such as windows stickers must be made from waterproof materials to ensure long-lasting exposure in different weather conditions.

Vehicles and equipment. Vinyl stickers are the number one choice rather than regular stickers for the farm, construction equipment, delivery vans, trucks, and other vehicles.

Boats and marine equipment. Stickers for boats and marine equipment even if not immersed must be waterproof too since they will constantly be exposed to mist from the water.

High-humidity environments. Areas exposed to high humidity can be very harsh for ordinary stickers.
Food packaging. Waterproof stickers are also advised for food items that have to go through refrigeration or immersion in ice buckets.

Lesson? Not all stickers are waterproof. To make stickers waterproof one must find the balance and right combination of stocks, adhesives, and inks. Similarly, it is better if we know where we are going to place the stickers and it is best to ask for a sample so you can test it yourself.


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