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How to Cross-Sell Skincare Products With Vinyl Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on April 01, 2021

Have you wondered why beauty products are now offering bundle packages? That is how you execute cross-selling. If you are new in the beauty industry, we got you covered. You can successfully adapt the cross-selling method into your own business without starting from scratch by using vinyl stickers to your packaging and here are the things you are going to do before creating a solid promotional label design.

Learn behavioural segmentation

Behavioural segmentation takes place when you help your customers decide on what products suit them best. A great example that is applicable to your business is when you put custom stickers on special skincare bundles that guide your customers on what products they can use that can help them deal with their underlying skin problems. Before creating a bundle, you should first identify the products that work best with the four common skin type problems: sensitive, dry, oily, and combination skin. Once you’re done, you can put labels on each bundle and make sure to use different colours to make it easier to identify. 

facial cleanser vinyl stickers

Offer product add-ons

To achieve flawless skin, you need to use more than one product to get amazing results in a short span of time. You can persuade your customers by giving them product suggestions through custom labels. Take a good look at how mobile companies advertise their mobile accessories and add-ons as something that can enhance the smartphone’s specs. You can use that tactic in your skincare business by putting stickers that suggest which of the following products work best. For example, if you are selling organic moisturizing soaps, you can add sticker labels that endorse your moisturizing lotion to get optimal results.  

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Put discount stickers

To encourage customers to buy more than just one product, you can create limited promo discounts. It is one of the common techniques used by both small and big business owners because you are subtly incentivizing your customers to spend more without being too pushy and desperate. You can put discount labels on your skincare products that show they’ll be getting a discounted price if they purchase another product from your brand.

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