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Stickers & Postcards Shaped Play Learn Grow’s Success

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on August 14, 2020

Learning for kids doesn’t happen overnight. You need to observe their behavior when you teach them and be mindful of what makes them interested in learning. Luckily, there are educational toys that will help your child’s learning development shine through. Studies show that children’s mind stimulates whenever they are incorporated with playtime. In time, they will develop different skills like problem-solving, development of motor skills, and positive self-esteem.   

Play Learn Grow provides special educational toys for every child’s age group such as infants (6 months old), toddlers (18 months old), and preschoolers (6 years old). Each toy is kid-friendly and they don’t use any harmful chemicals like BPAs, phthalates, lead, formaldehyde, and PVC that can affect the child’s health. Their toys are painted with BPA-free and lead-free materials so you don’t have to worry a single thing when your child is on their playtime.   

The owner, Eileen Chua, will share with us on her humble beginnings as a business owner and how SingaPrinting helped her with her product label needs.

Tell us about your company and the products or services you've offered?

At Play Learn Grow, we believe in sustainable educational toys; toys to promote early childhood cognitive and motor development for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Cognitive skills development in young children involves progressive building of learning skills such as attention, memory, and thinking. Children are able to process sensory information and eventually learn how to analyze, evaluate, remember, make comparisons, and understand the cause and effect of every situation. Although a part of cognitive skills is dependable on a child's genetic make-up, most of the skills are learned and can be learned.

How do you come up with educational toys as your business?

Play Learn Grow is my COVID baby! I have a 2-year-old stuck with me at home, and I had to put a halt to my non-essential business (in another area) during the circuit breaker hence I thought, why not put it to good use! The little hand you see in the photos is actually my son’s! Many parents had to work from home, and it is NOT easy juggling the little ones while working; having educational toys, you can keep the little ones occupied while the parents work. It promotes independent play as well as allows bonding time when parents can spare some time with their kids! Our home now is getting tiny; parents nowadays prefer their houses not to be too cluttered. Educational toys that can grow with the child will work best in this very current situation we are in.

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What makes your store different from the typical toy retailers?

We are different from the commercialized toy retailers because my business aims to promote early childhood cognitive and motor development for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. These are crucial skills to achieve with learning alone that is why I created a product that will help develop children’s skills while they’re having fun.

What is your advice to struggling parents who are having a hard time teaching their kids to learn?

Have patience, lots of them! Our little ones grow really fast; their attention span is really short. If they don’t seem interested in something, try another. Few days later, you go back to the same activity and who knows it may start to spark some interest in them!

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How did you find SingaPrinting?

I have discovered Singaprinting while sourcing for stickers and postcard printing for the instruction manuals and branding purposes.

What materials have you purchased from us that used for your instruction manuals?

Postcards! Half of A5 size, very handy for parents. The ink will not smudge, and therefore can be kept for as long as the parents keep the toys.

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How do you use the products you've purchased in your business?

The products I ordered from SingaPrinting is for instruction manuals that were placed in each set of toys purchased.

How did our products contribute to your business’ success?

Printing them in bulk has been the best decision as it has eased our operations and we cut down in printing and cutting them ourselves. We have used the stickers in our packaging, and we even printed gift cards with the help of the sales consultant at Singaprinting - Anne! She was a great help all along!

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