Makan Kaki Singapore Stickers

How Art Paper Stickers Work for Makan Kaki in Singapore

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on July 18, 2018

Makan Kaki is all about food in a food-centric city Singapore! Makan Kaki aims to deliver hawker food from reputable stalls to you for lunch and dinner so customers don’t need to travel great distances to taste good hawker food choices.

We had the opportunity to ask Makan Kaki about their humble story and the importance of sticker marketing in their business.


What was running in your mind prior to starting this type of business?

Singapore is a busy city. People’s schedules are hectic hence the reward for good food is a must.  You see them flocking in Hawker Centre buying food they love from various stalls, sitting together alongside other races and people from other religions- having a great meal and great conversations.

And so, the birth of, “why not, deliver foods they love at their doorstep?”

Makan Kaki

Who do you cater to?

We deliver food to homes and offices. We are also open to serving events, parties in residences.

Are you not afraid your customers get bored of having the same orders?

No we are not. What we do is we rotate our hawker centers daily so our customers will always get to experience variety.

How did you find us?

We were searching for affordable but with good quality stickers online. We checked the website reached out to the customer service team. The rest is history.

How did the stickers contribute/benefit your marketing campaign?

We make sure that our food covers, bags, boxes have stickers and labels all over. We have used the stickers in quite a number of ways. We seal our Kraft bags for example with sticker advertisements for public awareness.

What do you notice about customers’ reaction towards the stickers?

Many of our customers see our comics or photos of hawker food we feature.

Any further plans of wider marketing campaign strategy?

We do. In fact, we are looking to add some more of these stickers from SingaPrinting to our campaign trail that includes reaching out to NUS and SMU students in school events.

What do you love most about SingaPrinitng?

We love the versatility of the stickers so much. They are very affordable and give our products great finishing look. 


Thanks, Makan Kaki! We look forward to ordering more good food from you guys!