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Genie Education Hub Provides a Fun Learning Environment to Students with Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on January 18, 2022

Every student has the capability to achieve the best versions of themselves, both academically and in their social life. These are basic fundamentals for young students that should be taught in an environment where they can feel appreciated when they are doing well and encouraged to learn continuously. That is why there are cram schools and tuition centres that are experts in training and guiding students through their academic journey. They would help young learners to reduce the pressure in preparing for exams and more importantly, proper management skills because this will benefit the student’s wellbeing and overall academic performance.

Genie Education Hub is a tuition centre based in Bukit Batok East Avenue, they are passionate about training up young students on their academics while building up a positive attitude and making healthy relationships. They cater students from Primary level to Secondary level (including IP/IB) up to Junior College. Having an impressive learning approach that provides each student the materials and attention that they need. Inspiring students to bring excellence in their academics and have fun while learning.

Here’s a story from them on how they train up their students and how they used customised stickers to give exposure to their services as well as bring positive energy and enthusiasm to their students.

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Tell us about your company. What are the products or services you've offered?

We are a tuition centre situated in Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 Block 265. We specialize in making Mathematics and Science learning very interesting. Our in-person tuition services are catered for students from Primary level to Secondary level (including IP/IB) to Junior College. Subjects offered for Primary and Lower Secondary levels include General Mathematics and Science. For Upper-Secondary Level we offer Elementary and Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology and H2 Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for Junior College Level.

What makes your business different from the rest?

We believe that learning is not just about going through practice questions repeatedly. We have a 4-prong approach to helping students excel academically. First, we are effective in helping students visualize fundamental concepts clearly which will enable them to handle diverse questions easily. We then expand such visualization by bringing in real-life examples of how concepts that students learn may be observed in day-to-day phenomenon. Next, we continuously adjust our curriculum by maintaining small class sizes as we believe that all students learn differently and we ensure that every student gets the attention they need. Thirdly, we help students improve outside classes by helping them develop their self-learning schedules and habits. Lastly, we focus heavily on helping students build mental resilience so that students may perform even under strenuous exam conditions.

How did you find SingaPrinting?

We were looking for sticker printers who can help us print customized vinyl stickers online through the Google Search platform. We wanted to use vinyl stickers because matte stickers have a more modern look and feel and they are waterproof which was what we needed. We came across a few vendors but upon contacting some of them we came to realize that not all printers offer vinyl stickers printing. SingaPrinting came up in the searches and the ordering platform was quite professional. That is when we decided to use SingaPrinting for our project.

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How did you use the products you've purchased in your business?

Our students were using folders that looked boring and plain. Wanting to remove all the mundane from using such plain folders, we decided to print customized Mascot stickers so that our students can customize their folders or even use them to decorate their own personal items. Our mascot stickers are designs of our mascot engaging in activities that our students are actively engaging in themselves. These stickers will provide great exposure towards our brand amongst the youths who are our target audiences.

How did the stickers/business cards help promote your products, services, or the entire business?

We provide the stickers to our students free of charge when they first join our centre. We periodically update our collection of stickers so that our students can always add more customization to their folders and personal items. Our students are then able to spread the word of our tuition services to their friends when they use their items in their schools or social circles. We use the stickers as decoration in our tuition centre as well to communicate our energy and enthusiasm towards teaching.

Would you recommend SingaPrinting to anyone?

Yes, we will. I think Singaprinting has been very helpful with our order. I have not been able to use the customer service channels although they are readily available on the site because there has not been any major issue with the ordering process. The user interface is easy to use as the instructions were clear and readily found. The quality of the stickers was very good and I do not have any major issues with them. They made sure that what we ordered was produced correctly with a design proof and the whole process has been very pleasant.

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