Three Types of Stickers for Food Packaging

Three Types of Stickers for Food Packaging

Posted by SingaPrinting on April 15, 2021

The food industry is one of the well-profitable industries that you can come across. If you are planning to be part of it, you should do your research to make your brand relevant for a long period of time and you start it by building a strong relationship with your customers for their loyalty towards your products. When it comes to gaining loyal customers, creating good packaging is a must because it comes with many functions especially in preserving food. With sturdy packaging comes adorable custom stickers and here are three label materials that are meant for every type of food packaging. 


When it comes to the oldest and reliant packaging material, papers are on top of the list. It has so many uses such as boxes, plates, cartons, cups, bags, vouchers, and wrappers. Papers are known for the easiest way to fold in different ways, they can blend well with any products, and paper cardboards are known for their good stiffness level. With all these promising features and uses, you can choose kraft paper stickers as your product label material. It is widely used for labelling organic and environment-friendly food products. 

butter baby paper stickers


Metallic materials used in food packaging are usually made up of aluminum or steel in the form of cans, containers, tubes, and caps. They are great to use for liquid foods and beverages since they are reliable material when it comes to strength, moisture, pressure, and sterilization. The ideal label material that you can use is silver vinyl stickers if you are aiming for a monochromatic packaging design that is hip and trendy nowadays. The great thing about using them as your product label is that they have two finishes to choose from namely glossy and matte finishing. It is also known for its excellent water and heat-resistant properties because it is made out of polypropylene material.

custom metallic stickers


Plastics are the go-to material used in food packaging and they can be made out of bottles, bowls, pouches, cups, trays, and more. In any form or shape, they are great for keeping your food products intact because they are lightweight, versatile, resistant to heat and chemicals. With its known resilience and versatility, plastic packaging and standard vinyl stickers are the one truest pair that you ever thought you needed. They can come in any shape, colour, and size but they also withstand outdoor weather conditions, resistant to water, and freezer-grade too.

bottle art stickers

Aside from adding a character and attraction to your food packaging, custom stickers can elevate your social media presence because using it can bring online interactions, helps brand awareness, and is used in networking events. 

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