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Our Top Four Favorite Stickers and Its Uses

Posted by SingaPrinting on January 08, 2021

If you want your business to grow organically and ascendingly, you should start investing in sticker marketing. This kind of marketing is very beneficial especially if you are a small business owner who wants cost-efficient and versatile promotional tools. If you have no idea what to choose among the many varieties available in the market, here are our four bestselling custom stickers that you can use to your business’ advantage.

Art Paper Stickers

If you are looking for an affordable choice that is solely for indoor use, this is for you. Among paper-based stickers, this makes it an ideal choice for a business owner who is on a tight budget and who is fine with its limited uses since it isn’t water-resistant and cannot handle extreme outdoor temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight. In addition, there are three finishes to choose from; glossy, matte, and uncoated which makes it good in sealing documents and labelling products.  

art paper stickers custom

Standard Vinyl Stickers

If you are not satisfied with art paper stickers with their limited uses, you can choose our standard vinyl stickers for product promotions or for brand merchandise. It is one of the go-to choices for every business owner because it lasts longer, oil proof, water-resistant, and freezer grade can be used both indoors and outdoors that makes it applicable to any application you’d like.

personalized standard vinyl stickers

Bumper Stickers

Want an ideal material for giveaways? Bumper stickers are not only ideal for cars but your customers can also use them to attach on their gadgets such as laptops, refrigerators, and on their helmets too. This is a good technique if your aim is to have a good word-of-mouth marketing approach.  

made to order bumper stickers

Hologram Stickers

Aside from being visually pleasing because of its composed of unique metallic vinyl with underlying rainbow hues, it can also be helpful in product security purposes likely for anti-tamper, brand protection, and authentication. All of these security benefits can help you from getting counterfeiting products. 

Aside from providing good product packaging, an effective marketing campaign, or giveaways, using custom stickers can elevate your social media presence as long as you put your social media handles on each custom label.

custom built hologram stickers

Are you having a hard time choosing among our four bestselling sticker materials? You can have them all at a great deal here at SingaPrinting. Aside from value for money, we are using state-of-the-art printing equipment to assure our customers that each product that they’re going to order, they’ll receive in superb quality. Indeed, you will get the best of both worlds when you choose us today.