Industries that Amplify Stickers' Potential

Stickers are gradually recognized in the corporateworld. Customised stickers, labels, logos, are frequently used by most business organizations and almost everyone has seen a sticker. These stickers function as an effective tool in promoting and increasing brand awareness and boost consumer loyalty across industries. It is effective precisely because it conveys messages in the easiest way.

SingaPrinting has established partnerships to thousands of clients over the years. Every client we work with is a journey and always a learning experience. One client comes from organic skincare, others come from coffee makers, so it’s always a challenge but at the same time fulfilling because we get to see how products transform through a simple sticker design but appropriate to the brand and type of product being promoted. As the old adage goes: “Nothing, no one, is too small to matter. What you do is going to make a difference.” And yes, even as small as stickers or labels, it adds value to your product’s branding.

Here are the top industries that have become frequent stickers and labels users in promoting their business.

Jar/Canister Labels


Coffee & Tea Labels


Candle and Wellness Labels


Spice and Seasoning Labels


Without a doubt, stickers are getting trendy as they are less affordable and attractive. Even with this, loyal customers will always get back because stickers are just so good to effectively promote their brands. Market through these industries has become vital in every aspect of the business environment. It has become advantageous from the customers and business point of view.