How Working Cookie Complement Her Flea Market Items With Custom Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on June 30, 2023

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

This famous proverb denotes various meanings and is relatable as a business tagline for buying and selling used goods.

A flea market is the best place to find valuable collector’s items, unique treasures, bargains, and more.

“According to Wikipedia, a flea market or a swap meet is a type of street market which provides space for vendors to sell second-hand items.”

But did you know that you can also find a piece worth selling at a flea market?

Items like vintage cutlery and dinnerware sets, unique furniture, an heirloom, or handmade crafts are some marketable items.

This business can be very challenging. You should find what items sell best or what the customers are trying to acquire.

There is also competition among other vendors. So a strategic marketing campaign is crucial to success and get a competitive edge.

Working Cookie believes that buying second-hand products is a sustainable way of shopping which helps reduce waste. Plus, it is beneficial to mother nature.

Why? Because you save those items from being placed in landfills.

It is also a practical way to acquire valuable items of good quality at the cheapest price.

About Working Cookie

Working Cookie or Ukicoo in her self-branding is a career woman and a natural salesperson.

She describes herself as a woman with a (big) dream, a loving wife, and a hopeful mother.

Before she got into a flea market business online, Cookie used to work as an Agent for American Defense companies. One of her employers is General Electric.


From military aircraft, Cookie also now joins the space industry. The company slogan resonates with her the most, 'Let's use space technology to help all life on Earth'.


Her dedication makes her do actions where she could make an impact in helping mother nature.

Collecting and selling second-hand items is one of her best practices to protect the environment.

Instead of being thrown away and piling them into the landfill, she gives life to old, vintage items and looks for their new owners.

It allows her to practice saving, reusing, and recycling things.

If you aim to purchase rare items or want to know what Working Cookie is selling in the flea market, you can check out her official Instagram page or visit her website to get to know her more:



How Custom Stickers Give Life to Working Cookie’s Flea Market Items

A printed marketing tool such as a sticker is essential in your marketing strategy. This tool is cheap and easy to produce.

To enjoy its benefit, create a well-designed sticker using high-quality materials.

Below are some advantages Working Cookie gets while incorporating custom stickers in branding her business.

Personalised Packaging

The first impression is a must. Whether you are going to a job interview, launching your new product, or selling your flea market items online. An excellent product presentation could increase your perceived value. Know that your target audience has no idea yet about your brand.




Personalising your product packaging can create a lasting impression on your target audience. Working Cookie ensures that her items are packed nicely with sustainable materials. She incorporates her logo with vinyl stickers as sealed, and making it recognisable that it was coming from her.

Boost Brand Awareness & Recognition

Boosting brand awareness is crucial, especially if your brand is still unknown to your potential customers. Cookie knows the value and importance of a brand name, and it is more than just a logo or trademark. She experienced it firsthand when she used to work at General Electric.

A brand represents promises, values, expectations, and relationships. Logo might be just one thing, but it is one of the ways people will recognise when they remember interacting with your brand.


Offers Versatility

Cookie does not only use stickers in her product packaging. She also uses them to stick everywhere, from her favourite cup and other personal items. These stickers offer versatility and can be applied indoors and outdoors.



Since she uses vinyl stickers, placing them anywhere is possible. This material can endure water and moisture. Plastering stickers on any items improve brand visibility and catch customer attention.

Gives a Competitive Edge

Stickers can give your brand a competitive advantage. Another way to achieve this benefit is by using them as thank you stickers, freebies, giveaways, promotional tools, or packaging seals.


You can add other elements to improve its appearance like what Working Cookie has done in her product packaging. Aside from her logo stickers, she adds a ribbon that complements the entire presentation.

Final Thoughts

The dedication of Working Cookie to making a positive contribution to the environment is shown in her product and brand consistency. You will never regret buying her items because they are of good quality and rare. You will appreciate it better if you are fond of collecting vintage items.

And if you are also selling items at the flea market, remember the importance of effective and consistent branding. Using custom stickers in your marketing and branding will never go out of style.