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How to Remove Stickers Off Cars

Posted by SingaPrinting on November 18, 2020

Are you pissed at seeing the old faded bumper stickers in your car and you decided to get rid of it but afraid you might damage your beloved car? We can feel your struggle as we heard this sentiment from our customers and we are here to give you helpful and proven ways to get rid of the sticky labels and its nasty residue coming from the adhesive seamlessly without scratching your car’s paint.  

Soap and hairdryer

Bumper stickers are made of a sturdy adhesive that will stick through the test of time. That is why you are going to have a tough time getting rid of the hardened adhesive. Luckily, you have two options in softening the adhesive and that is by using a soap mixture or using the heat of a hairdryer. The first option needs a rag with a soap mixture (consists of water and soap) over your car and washes it over the label until you can slowly peel it off. On the second option, you need to grab your hairdryer and choose the soft heat setting and make sure that the placement is not too close to your car’s body because it might bring damage to your car’s paint and notice that the adhesive softens and you can gently peel it off. Once you successfully get rid of it, you should wipe it by using a dry clean cloth.

Soap and hairdryer remove stickers

WD 40 and pencil eraser

This technique will give you a quick workout. You start it by applying WD 40 around the sticker’s edges and just let it stay for a few minutes. After spending three to five minutes of your time, take out your eraser and start rubbing the outer edges of the custom label. It should look like the adhesive is slowly fading away around the label. You can use any type of oil, lotions, and even your favourite peanut butter spread as a substitute to WD40.  

WD40 and pencil eraser remove stickers

Your car is one of the best places to put stickers and when you want to replace new ones, these are just two of the many ways to remove old worn-out labels off your precious car without leaving any scratches. Try the following tips for hassle-free sticker removal. 

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