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How to Promote Your Tattoo Shop With Custom Tattoo Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on February 29, 2024

A tattoo is a form of body art and self-expression where people get inked to express themselves artistically.

According to Psychology Today, there are 25% who got a tattoo that says their primary motivation for having inked is rooted in personal reasons. This is to mark significant experiences or struggles.

While having tattoos in the modern era become an accepted norm, there are still tattoos taboo in different settings.

A person who flaunts their ink may still face discrimination at work, with peers, or from family members.

Despite the mixed opinions, Singaporeans would get inked while some pursue this passion as a business.

Since there are plenty of tattoo shops in Singapore, it pays to stand out from the crowd.

With that, we will help you promote your tattoo shop and boost the shop's presence using custom tattoo stickers.

How? Let us find out!

Decorate Tattoo Shop With Sticker


A well-designed and concise business sign gives information about what services you offer. It also creates a customer impression and perception based on its design and quality. Custom stickers can be an excellent decor to add life and creativity to your shop.

As a creative person, decorate your shop with custom decals applicable on walls, floors, and windows. Make the atmosphere welcoming and inviting. It must resonate with the target audience to make them feel at ease.

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Feature Your Best Work


Use your most impressive tattoo designs to feature your best work when designing stickers. Since people cannot be seen naked in public to showcase the artwork, stickers will do. It allows potential customers to see your skills and style through the printed material.

Stickers also serve as portable mini billboards to communicate the message without breaking the bank. Use a sturdy material like bumper stickers to ensure they stand against extreme temperatures outdoors. Applicable on car windows, tumblers, laptops, and phone cases, or use them as freebies and giveaways.

Feature Your Best Work

Cost-Efficient Marketing Tool


Opting for traditional advertising methods such as TV or radio ads can be expensive for smaller tattoo shops. Custom promotional stickers are budget-friendly and offer a high return on investment. This tool is inexpensive and can be produced in bulk to save more.

Reinforcing brand presence is crucial for a tattoo artist with a small shop. It gives your target audience awareness about your shop's existence and the rest of your work. Try printing smaller quantities for AB testing and see what works better before printing in bulk.

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Boost Word-of-Mouth Referral


Custom tattoo stickers offer a creative and unique way to showcase your masterpiece and shop's identity. Handing out this sticker as a token of appreciation to your clients is ideal. It can boost word-of-mouth marketing, especially if the designs are aesthetically pleasing.

Ensure that you incorporate your logo, famous designs, and signature styles in the designs. This visual representation of your brand is essential to set you apart from the game. Giving this to clients helps promote your shop when they use or display it in their belongings.

Boost Word-of-Mouth Referral

Encourage User-Generated Content


In today's digital era, the dominance of social media is undeniably reigning. This is why user-generated content can boost brand visibility and awareness. It helps to leverage the power of custom tattoo stickers through the help of clients.

Encourage your patronage to share photos of their new ink and the branded sticker you gave them on their social media platforms. Ask them to tag your Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok page and use specific hashtags related to your brand. This content will reach a broader audience and serve as social proof of your artistic prowess.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Final Thoughts

Making your tattoo shop stand out is indeed challenging. The more potential customers are accustomed to your tattoo service, the more they will likely consider you in the future. Stickers are one of the cheapest and best ways to reinforce brand awareness. It conveys the message creatively. The above tips are some facts to help you integrate this tool into your marketing campaign.