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How to Create Jar Labels in Easy & Effective Ways With Canva

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on April 08, 2024

Jar labels are small tags, paper, or vinyl-based stickers that you adhere to jars. It contains crucial information about the contents and serves as functional and decorative elements.

This printed tool is a goldmine for many business owners, startups, and established businesses. It is also helpful for DIY enthusiasts who are into crafting to present items with a visually appealing appearance. 

A well-designed jar label helps elevate product branding, marketing, and promotional strategy. 

This small entity carries essential information such as product name, business logo, ingredients, nutrition facts, and expiration date.

The overall design of your jar labels is imperative for attracting potential customers, conveying the brand message, and gaining a competitive edge.

According to a report, appropriate labelling establishes and enhances brand visibility. Its role is crucial and helps attract and retain customers.

Familiarise Different Designing Tools

Familiarise yourself with various design tools before you get started creating jar labels. There are Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Express, and more. Each tool offers unique specifications to help you bring that artwork to life.

Canva is one of the most popular design sites. It has a user-friendly interface, a library of ready-made templates, and customisation options.

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Consider Crucial Factors

Unlike other designing tools, Canva is free for everyone. However, they also offer paid subscription services to upgrade to Canva Pro, which gives you premium access to create professional designs and content. 

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced designer, Canva lets you design artwork seamlessly and effectively. 

Let us walk you through creating jar labels efficiently and effectively with Canva. Let us start!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Jar Labels With Canva

Register a Canva Account

register a canva account

To get started, go to Canva and sign up or log in using your credentials from Gmail, Facebook, and other accredited social platforms.

Select an Appropriate Template

jar labels templates on canva

Type "jar labels" on the search bar and choose the best templates that suit your specifications. You can try three different templates for A/B testing. This can help you see what labelling style is compatible with your needs.

Customise With Your Brand Elements

customise jar labels on canva

Start customising the template and replace each element that aligns with your brand and product theme. Their online editor feature is easy to use. You can easily customise the fonts, colour scheme, graphics, and other elements. See that you create a unique and eye-catching design to complement your jars.

Add Product Information

jar labels information

Once you have arranged each design element, add the essential product information. Labelling is more in a text format. Clear and readable typography is crucial, especially for visually impaired individuals.

You can arrange the text elements by following a visual hierarchy. It allows you to input details from most to least important.

Review, Finalise, & Download

download templates on canva

When done, always review your artwork to find typos and unnecessary elements. This will ensure a perfect and professional outcome. 

Then save your label creation and download it in PNG, JPEG, or PDF files for printing.

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Additional Tips For Printing & Applying Jar Label

Choose a Reliable Sticker Printing Shop

Choosing the best sticker printing shop for your printing needs is essential. Their expertise can make you confident that the outcome will exceed your expectations. They also use advanced technology, offer bulk orders, and provide free proofing to ensure they bring your artwork to life.

While DIY printing may be ideal, your materials may be limited. It pays to get excellent-quality product labels as they reflect on your brand. 

Use Appropriate Sticker Materials

Knowing the appropriate sticker materials will depend on where you intend to use the jars. Is it for jams, food canning, honey, beverages, DIY crafts, or more? You also need to consider the environment.

Use paper-based stickers for indoor use or dry goods. Use vinyl-based stickers if your products are exposed to water, heat, cold, moisture, or snow. You can also add extra touches, finishes, and premium-looking labels.

Apply Labels to Jars

When applying labels to jars, ensure the surface is dry, clean, and free of dust and residue. There must be no wrinkles or air bubbles. Secure adhesion by pressing down the stickers firmly and smoothing them out.

Roll stickers are recommended if you need a large batch for labelling. They come with a roll dispenser, making it easy to peel and apply. They save you time and money while getting the job done promptly.


Final Thoughts

With Canva and other online tools, creating jar label designs has become easier and more accessible. This is helpful for many businesses to communicate with their audience. It lets customers know what they're getting at. Remember that well-designed labels attract the target audience and differentiate your brand from others.