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How to Create a Christmas Campaign Using Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on December 16, 2020

If you can reassess yourself as a business owner, are you ready for the upcoming Holidays and did you already lay out a solid marketing plan to generate more sales? Christmas is fast approaching and you should be more attentive in coming up with great ideas to attract people and gain a number of new customers too. You can achieve all your business goals by using stickers that are known for being affordable and easy to apply. In this blog, you don’t need to feel blue this Christmas as you follow these tips below.

Analyze the areas you need to improve

Use your recent black Friday marketing campaign as your reference in analysing if there are things you need to improve in your campaign. Start categorising the things that aren’t successful and the things that made it to the cut and once you are done, you should keep the successful strategies and make them appropriate for the holiday festivities such as placing Christmas-themed vinyl stickers designs in your take out bags or into your product packaging.

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Design limited edition holiday labels 

In creating a one-of-a-kind sticker design, you should start working with a professional graphic designer and you should make sure that you can still use them for the upcoming new year so you don’t need to worry about spending your time and money repacking your products when the new year season is fast approaching.  

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Show gratitude towards your customers 

Christmas is the season where it is better to be humble and be thankful to your customers that are behind your business’ success and look forward to serving them for the next prosperous year. You can make them feel special by giving out tokens such as giving away bumper stickers or showing some love by sending out postcards with your short yet endearing note on them. Either way, these are some of the ways that they can definitely tell that you are thankful to have them as your customers.

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Before the year ends, you need to give your best shot while celebrating the holiday season and prepare for new campaigns throughout the next succeeding years. Improve your marketing campaign and always come up with fresh ideas by using our affordable high-quality printing products and graphic design services here at SingaPrinting. We’ve been providing business solutions in businesses based in Singapore with a fast turnaround time. Tune in to our social media accounts to get updated on our limited promos and discounts this Christmas.