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How Effective Stickers Are as Freebies

Posted by SingaPrinting on October 31, 2019

“When someone does something nice for you, it creates an urge for you to do something nice in return."

That statement has been passed down from parent to child for many generations. Basically to teach the new generation compassion, love, and kindness. Because as the new saying goes; "kindness is the new cool", treating people how you want them to treat you can be expounded in so many ways. And what better way can we show compassion than by giving freebies and giveaways? 

When it comes to business, we have to keep in mind that a company's goal is for the benefit of the entire society, not just an individual. And few of the easiest ways to bring joy around people that will benefit them during the day are freebies and giveaways.
Talking about freebies will draw the crowd’s interest when you are hosting an organisational event, product campaign, or even special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. No doubt that freebies can generate a lot of sales for you over time. It creates loyal customers, encourages customers retention and more sales for new products.


Custom stickers will make a good giveaway and one example of nice and effective freebies. It is best known for increasing visibility and brand awareness, so it's an advantage to include your logo, business name and contact information on your personalised stickers so customers will know how to contact you.

One thing required though is an initial investment: you need to have money for the freebies. We're all familiar with this kind of spot promotion because it works. People love to receive free things.

Besides using freebies as business promotions, you can also use them regularly as customer rewards. This is also an effective way to attract a buyer. Adding rewards and freebies to buying large orders is also recommended and attractive. Providing samples along with great service is a good way to set a good atmosphere. This way you are winning in the minds of customers.

SingaPrinting has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from valued customers on how their printed stickers help their businesses. Most of them utilize it as freebies to their customers, either as gratitude for their loyalty or introducing new products. Showing appreciation to your customers will impart a great impression of your service.
Start planning for your freebies now! With SingaPrinting’s expertise, you can have the most affordable and best quality freebies stickers that represent your brand.

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