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6 Best Sticker Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on January 22, 2024

Applying sticker marketing can help maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

This printed tool can be designed creatively to convey the message.

According to a LocaliQ report, 82% of consumers trust print advertising. This is despite being bombarded by many ads from different platforms. They consider print ads to be one of the most trustworthy mediums.

Stickers are ideal because they are cost-efficient and versatile to use.

With that, we gather six sticker marketing tips that would be helpful for your small business.

Let us get started:

Design Stickers For a Specific Purpose


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Your sticker design matters because it is a reflection of your brand. People seeing must create a first positive impression of your brand. This is why well-designed and eye-catching stickers help resonate with your target audience.

Knowing your goal and purpose firsthand is vital to creating a unique design. Do you want to launch a new product, boost customer engagement, or promote flash sales? Make this message easy to understand to your specific audience.

Turn a Surface into an Advertising Opportunity


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Being able to stand out from the noise should be one of your main goals. Turning any surface into an advertising opportunity would be ideal to reinforce brand presence. But be mindful when plastering stickers in public places and ensure installing them is safe and legal.

You can also place promotional stickers on laptops, tumblers, mugs, car windows, and product packaging. Turn these items into advertising space to get the message across. It can attract customer attention and get them to notice what you are trying to convey.

Decorate Storefront Window


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Draw passersby by decorating your storefront window with vinyl lettering stickers to display store hour operation. Or window decals for your business signs and other promotional message. This budget-friendly tool is a durable vinyl material that withstands water, heat, snow, and moisture.

It pays to elevate your marketing strategy to attract potential customers and convert them into paying consumers. Stickers are a passive ad that gets the message across without adding resources.

Include Sticker Freebies in the Packaging


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Include freebies and giveaways in your packaging to give customers an excellent unboxing experience. Add die cut stickers featuring your logo design, a witty punchline, or sticker sheets so they can share them with their friends or families.

What makes this strategy appealing? It boosts your brand exposure, and the customers become instant brand advocates. Customers are more likely to consider freebies as gifts or tokens of appreciation, making them feel valued.

Integrate Online and Offline Marketing


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Bridge the gap between online and physical presence by incorporating QR codes in your sticker design. With just a simple scan on their smartphones, customers can explore your website, social media channels, exclusive promo, and landing page content.

This helps improve customer engagement and allows them to explore further your business, what you do, and why you are doing it. If they find it reasonable to their needs, they become your loyal patronage and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Place Stickers Strategically


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A proper sticker placement is crucial to boost brand visibility and awareness. Hand out stickers at trade shows, business events, expos, and conferences or plaster them legally in public places. You can also use it in guerilla marketing to catch customer attention.

Plastering stickers on cars, trucks, tractors, or vehicle wrap advertising are also ideal. They act as a portable mini billboard that catches attention on the road or in a traffic jam. People are likely to remember your brand subconsciously once they see it multiple times.

Final Thoughts

Sticker marketing is a cost-effective strategy for your small business. Though people are overfed by digital marketing, nothing beats a tangible tool as it stimulates one's senses. Ensure you create a compelling design message that resonates with your goal and target audience. This is crucial to get them to pay attention to what you want to convey and encourage them to act.