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Create Effective Hang Tags in These Useful Ways

Posted by SingaPrinting Admin on October 19, 2022

Do hang tags still relevant in the digital age? Why does it seem to play a vital role in the retail industry?

Because it adds attraction to your items, provides product details and communicates with the customer without your presence.

But before we go in-depth, what is hang tag, by the way?

According to Collins Dictionary, a hang tag is a piece of cardboard or plastic label that carries information such as size, colour, fabric, and price. It is used in businesses like clothing, jewellery, or pottery and hangs from a specific item.

In other places like the United Kingdom, they used the term swing tag or swing ticket. But it is similar and functions the same as hang tags. Only the terms differ.

Hang tags provides information about the products, care instruction, and material details, specifically in garments.

In fact, hang tags are in-demand label solutions that can be attached to garments and provide product information. It is the best way of branding products without causing damage.

It may appear a small thing and less valuable to some. But as a business owner, know that it carries crucial information about the product you sell. 

It pays to create a design that reflects your brand personality and details to answer the queries of your customers, especially the price.

So how do you actually make an effective hang tag?

In this article, we will go in-depth about what elements you need to put in your hang tags: 


Business Name and Logo

Never forget to put in your hang tags your business name and logo. This will serve as your brand identity and differentiates you from the other products. It will make customers remember your brand easily, especially if you have a remarkable design and a unique business name.


Fonts and Colours

Fonts matter as much as the colour palette you will choose. Why? Because fonts could evoke different kinds of emotions depending on the fonts you use. Make sure that it reflects the message you want to convey.

And pick a colour palette that connects to your brand personality.



This is where you summarise what your business and products are all about. It’s a short yet impactful and catchy phrase. This is your chance to convey a message about what’s in it for them if they patronise your products.

Keep this crucial part simple, short, and memorable.



Sometimes the first thing a customer might ask about the product is its price. Putting the price is mandatory and allows you to answer their very first query. It will also showcase why your product is worth exchanging their hard-earned money.


Brand Message

Know that the brand message is different from the tagline. If the purpose of a tagline is to summarise your business, the brand message is to convey what your product can deliver. You communicate with the customers and tell them why it’s worth doing business with you.

It is the other way of showing your product’s unique selling proposition.


QR code

Placing a QR code in your tags keeps your customers posted if you have ongoing promos. It gives them more access to any information about the products and services that might be helpful to both parties. QR code saves you a lot of space whilst giving further info that could increase your sales.


Website URL & Social Media

The majority of people across the globe are into different kinds of social media. Place your website URL and social media pages where people can access your business sites. This is also the best way to increase social engagements and boost your brand presence online.


Sale or Discount Offer

It pays to include this detail on your hang tags if your product is on sale. People are more drawn to products with discount offers or on sale because it means they will pay less than the regular price. 


Considerations in creating high-quality hang tags 

Knowing what elements to incorporate is vital, but there’s more to it that you need to pay attention to as well. They are the cord, eyelet, card, and placement. Here’s why they make your hang tags perfectly created:


The cord

The cord makes the product unique since it is attached to products and hung, which makes them aesthetically pleasing when displayed. You can tie them with a string or a ribbon to make your tags visually attractive. 


The eyelet 

Without them, your product tags will lose their purpose. Punch holes differ in size and range from 3mm to 8mm. The diameter of the eyelet lies in your hands. Just make sure that they suit well with your choice of cord.


The card

You also need to consider choosing the right card stock that will make a huge difference. Look for the texture and the finishing that contributes to the overall feel of your brand’s hang tag. If you want to add a wow factor, you can also request to have them embossed, debossed, or add a foil stamp.


The placement

The placement will depend on how you will display the product. It should be put where the customers can easily see, regardless if you will display it on a shelf, rack, or a mannequin. If your product is interesting enough, the next thing they will look for is the tag to gather more information.

Final Thoughts

Hang tags do wonder when labelling your products, especially if you are in the clothing or jewellery business.

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