Social Distancing Floor Decals

Ways on How to Use Hotel Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting on April 13, 2021

Throughout these trying times, businesses are still on the verge of success and the hospitality industry is still thriving despite other businesses that are forced to do mass layoffs or worse, for closure. If you happen to be a hotelier and you want your hotel to shine through despite the challenging global pandemic, there are many ways to persevere and we’re here to give you a helping hand by showing you affordable ways on how you can keep your guests and employees safe by using hotel stickers

Hotel clean seal stickers

Room cleaning is essential when you start to reopen your hotel. To assure your hotel guests that their room is spotlessly clean, you can tell your hospitality staff that every time they are done with cleaning the room, they need to place clean seal labels outside hotel room doors to improve traveler safety.


Hotel wall stickers

Applying custom decals on the frequently visited areas of the hotel is a great way to strictly implement personal hygiene measures to avoid contamination on both employees and guests. This is a simple way to remind them to sterilize their hands or to maintain social distancing.   

Covid-19 Safety Precautions Hotel Wall Stickers

Hotel vinyl stickers 

Hotel check-ins can trigger infection because your employees and your guests require physical contact. To avoid these unforeseen circumstances, you can use QR vinyl labels that handle payless transactions because cards or cash are highly contaminated by bacteria that will put your employee’s health at risk.


Luggage stickers 

When it comes to handling guests' luggage, you need to give your guests a heads up that their luggage items will undergo thorough sterilization. For proper sterilization, you should tell your employees to use personal protective equipment or PPE such as gloves, face shield, and mask. Once they are done sterilizing the luggage, instruct them to place guaranteed clean luggage labels to let the guest know that their luggage has undergone the disinfection process.

Luggage Disinfect Stickers

Now you know how custom stickers are used during the pandemic and how you can apply it to your own hotel. We hope you were able to gain more ideas from this blog and if you find it useful, you can read our recent blogs that will help you redefine print marketing and use them in your future marketing campaigns.

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