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Logo Stickers: Three Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Posted by SingaPrinting on August 14, 2020

Reputable companies start their success story with their unforgettable business logo where it is imprinted on every consumer’s head. Your company logo is the best representation of your brand and you should give justice to that by thinking critically and always remember the most forbidden techniques when it comes to creating a logo. Below, we give you three tips on how to make your logo stand out from the rest.

Wrong choice of colour

Before you create a design for your logo, you should stick to the basics which are finding the right colour for your business. Every colour has its significant meaning and you should take note of this so that people will automatically know what products are you selling. A great example is that you choose pink if you sell maternity clothes because it indicates womanhood, red if you own a food restaurant that can increase the person’s appetite, and choose green if your products are sustainable or environment-friendly because it symbolizes peace and harmony.

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Overlooking how the logo looks when it’s printed

It might look perfect digitally but you should consider how it turns out once you produce logo stickers. That is why it is imperative to choose the right custom sticker printing company and ditch the urge to do DIY to save money (that can be more impractical if you don’t have the tools and expertise). In layman’s term, physical print media uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black (CMYK) colours to make sure that it coincides with the monitor. If you have no idea with these steps, it’s better to rely on a trustworthy printing provider that consists of professional graphic designers and the best printing facility that can fulfill your creative visions to life.

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Logo created by an amateur designer

Your business logo is a timeless piece and it affects your brand’s reputability if you keep changing it. Logo creation is a crucial task that only a professional designer can handle. Compared to an amateur designer, they already handle numerous clients and they know how to make the impossible possible. Don’t stick to mediocre logo design and collaborate with professionals to give your brand a grand makeover.

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Now that you are much aware of the couple things you should avoid in logo creation, you should also put in mind the important things to note when making product labels so you'll be confident that your products will shine its way in every store aisle.

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