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How to Use Foil Paper Stickers on DIY Christmas Presents

Posted by SingaPrinting on December 04, 2020

It is fulfilling but can be tiring if you do all the Christmas preparations all by yourself. If you think of doing the gift wrapping by yourself but you only have limited time left, don’t worry because we got you covered. Spread the spirit of giving in times of adversity by making your loved ones happy with executing the perfect do-it-yourself Christmas presents with the help of using foil paper stickers. In this blog, we will give you easy and fun ways on how you can perfect customized gift wrap techniques.

Personalised embossed name labels

Instead of putting it in a card or just writing the names directly on the present, you can stick the gift recipients’ name and celebrate Christmas with a touch of class using embossed paper stickers. This is one of the stylish ways to customised the presents on embossed metallic labels. They will definitely appreciate the effort exerted and try it when they are the ones to host the next holiday family gathering.

Personalised embossed name labels

Christmas symbols

The silhouette of a snowman, Santa Claus, golden bells, or silver stockings, are just a few famous Christmas symbols that you can design on your foil paper stickers. If you want to have unique wrapping that can’t be bought in arts and crafts stores, you can use the labels to place it on plain gift wrapping sheets. This idea will also make you save money because you can still use the plain wrapping sheets on other events and occasions.

holiday bell foil stickers

Some people don’t have the luxury of time to wrap gifts and to shop for their loved ones and some people are fond of Christmas shopping and personally wrapping Christmas presents for their loved ones. If you happen to be one of those people who will spend their time making personalised items for their loved ones, using custom stickers can definitely help you to make your Christmas preparations so much easier.

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