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How Custom Stickers Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Posted by SingaPrinting on November 26, 2020

Digital stickers give life to every conversation or caption on social media. How much more if we give a little spin by using labels in real life? Using custom stickers can help you gain a huge following. That is why businesses are seeing their potential and start investing in them. In this blog, we will give you reasons why you should choose the traditional way and not only because it is one of the cheaper alternatives but it can offer more than just that.

More chance for online interactions 

The social media algorithms are attracted to online interactions. It doesn’t mean that you should only interact with your customers online especially if you are just new to the business. Don’t expect that the algorithm will be in your favour if that is all the effort that you put to make your business reputation online. Engaging your customers personally through sticker marketing through giving away paper-based or vinyl-based stickers that will help you gain potential customers organically compared to investing in expensive paid aids that are very rare for people to invest on what they saw in ads.

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Helps in brand awareness 

Before you straight up spend your money on a solid marketing campaign, you should be mindful of choosing a design that is why choosing the right graphic designer for your sticker needs is a must in order to achieve brand awareness. Custom labels can help you to expose your brand out there and at the same time advertise your social media to people. Just make sure that below your business logo are your usernames on each social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram).

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Best use in networking events 

Trade shows will always be the right venue to showcase your business and products to potential customers. Stickers are good for giveaways and this gesture will encourage them to draw interest to your business and eventually they will follow your social media accounts to keep them posted with limited promos or products and services.

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You don’t need to focus on complicated online marketing strategies you found online because sometimes you just need to give them the traditional approach and teaming up with a reputable printing company like SingaPrinting is the way to go! We make sure that we please our customers when it comes to our printing products and services such as graphic design services and at the same time provide value for money. Reach us out today and we will be pleased to help you with your business and branding.