Covid-19 bulk custom stickers

How Custom Stickers are Used During Pandemic

Posted by SingaPrinting on August 05, 2020

Being resilient makes us human unique. We face unpredictable challenges every single day but we come strong and fight with our personal battles. It’s already proven that we are easy to adapt to change and manage to survive. The COVID-19 Pandemic is one of the living testimonies that we won’t back down and as business owners, you strive to contribute with the country’s shaking economy and provide your customers’ necessities while keeping them safe. SingaPrinting salutes every business owner who strives to bounce back in these trying times. Below, are types of social distancing signs that will help you implement physical social distancing with our custom sticker labels.

floor decal vinyl stickers

Floor Decal
This sticker is great to create a line where your customers can fall in line peacefully without breaking the safety protocols. Make sure that you choose vibrant colors so that they can easily notice the sign. Floor decals are durable enough to control foot traffic and liquids. 

window custom decal stickers

Window Decals
You can still be a ray of sunshine in someone else’s cloud by putting motivational quotes in your shop’s window. Do you know how effective stickers are as freebies? If yes, you may also give cute illustrations or quotes to your customers that can lift their spirits up.  It’s not all about giving precautions to your valued customers but also give them a warm shelter to move forward through this pandemic. You may come across a customer dealing with anxiety so might as well make them happy while keeping them safe too.

caution decal stickers

Custom banners are very visible to the naked eye and you can totally reinforce your customers effortlessly by putting a social-distancing policy banner in your shop’s entrance door. SingaPrinting’s custom banner has two variations you can choose from: The outdoor - PVC flex type that suits well on outdoors while the indoor - polyester fabric is a tear-resistant banner and suitable for indoor use.

carpet label custom stickers

Carpet Labels
If your shop is covered with carpet flooring, don’t worry there is a recommended sticker material that can stick right to your carpet floors, however for temporary use only. You can coordinate with us to fulfill your needs for your shop and we will create custom made labels just for you.  

These are the following essential signs that will help you and your customers get through this pandemic. We are working hand-in-hand with our clients because we know every business owner’s struggling to keep track of their businesses so we are here to help you get through this to provide premium quality print stickers with fast turnaround time and free shipping. Contact our customer service representatives and trust one of the dependable sticker suppliers here in Singapore today.