Gain Personal Training Clients With Business Cards

Gain Personal Training Clients With Business Cards

Posted by SingaPrinting on April 15, 2021

Hiring a fitness trainer is helpful in improving people’s lives and when you make your passion for fitness your business, you should start planning on how to gain personal training clients and you can do it by using one of the go-to networking tools — Business Cards. Giving calling cards to potential clients is a great way to start a striking conversation with them and win their trust as well but before you make your own calling card, here is some information you don’t want to forget.

Your business logo

It is necessary to make your own logo especially if you are new to the business because it represents a symbol of your profession and the services you are offering. To make an incredible logo for your business cards, you should work with a professional graphic designer to bring your vision to life.  

thunder textured business card

Put a brief description of your service

To give your customers further knowledge of the services you offer, you should provide your expertise. Whether it be bodybuilding, marathon training, weight loss, powerlifting, or kettlebell training, it allows you to keep your marketing simple and straightforward that helps you to attract the right set of clients who can benefit from your strength training programs.

dark fitness business card
Assess your right clients

When you are done with creating your own logo and putting a brief description of your services, you need to start determining your target demographic that peaks through your interest and your fitness plan. Are your services great for moms who just went through pregnancy? Would it be professional athletes who want to improve their strength and stamina? Or people who are determined to shed some extra pounds? No matter what your ideal clients are, look for a place where you can always see them and start interacting with them by giving your business cards and work your way to gain their trust.

yogo today custom business card

Give incentives to your clients

Referrals keep your business rolling and in shape. Giving more than three business cards to your customers as a way to ask them for a favour to recommend your services to their friends, relatives, colleagues, and even their neighbours to avail of your fitness services and give them an incentive such as promo discount or free session to keep them motivated to invite more people.   

hard power fitness business card

This goes to show that business cards are still relevant in the business world and when you are in need of a printing company that offers high-quality calling cards at an affordable price with a fast turnaround time Singapore-wide, you can always rely on us here at SingaPrinting. We take pride in our products and services and we aim to help businesses achieve their business goals through our printing products such as stickers, decals, cards, banners, and more.