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Choose the Right Designer for Your Sticker Needs

Posted by SingaPrinting on September 17, 2020

To fulfill your product label needs, it’s either you are gifted with graphic design skills or you need a professional designer to do it for you. Choosing the right graphic designer is very important because they are the one who creates your brand that solely reflects your business and the products you offer. Save your precious time and energy from meeting the wrong designers and get the recognition you deserve with business stickers. Take these few tips with you when finding the perfect one.

A portfolio is a must

Before you start investing in interviewing graphic designers, you should let them know that they should present a portfolio of their recent works. Observe their work properly and have a clear picture of their niche and their artwork signature style. If you don’t ask for their portfolio, they would assume that you don’t have a set of standards and they can just exert less effort on your project. 

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Widen your options

The Internet makes life so much easier especially if you are on the lookout for professional designers. There are many talented and driven graphic designers all over the country that offer a cheaper rate. Now it is so much easier to hire designers in different parts of the world since you can reach them out through email or chat applications that make it easier to collaborate with them despite different time zones.  

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Ask for recommendations

Nothing beats word of mouth. You can ask your colleagues who just worked with a designer and ask for their feedback when it comes to their graphic design services. If you come across a store that has an impressive logo, you can complement their logo and politely ask for recommendations for a professional designer and they will be more than willing to share that secret to you. 

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There is no wonder that designers are creative but you should consider if they are fun to work with and not a stressful chore that you need to endure throughout the project. To avoid miscommunication be upfront with your wants and present to them the vision you want for your business.

Here at SingaPrinting, we truly understand that putting labels are essential for product branding that is why we make sure that our designing team is dedicated to providing you engaging designs and you are comfortable working with them. We’re always enthusiastic to handle every print project whether it be on our premium custom stickers, business cards, custom banners, postcards, and more. Give us a call and encounter good customer service, affordable prices, and the fastest delivery date only here at one of the most reliable local printing companies in Singapore.