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Best Places for Your Stickers

Posted by SingaPrinting on February 20, 2019

It has been said a lot of times: Sticker is a versatile marketing tool that we can make use of. Even today when we see online advertising dominating various industries, stickers continue to offer new possibilities especially in terms of promotions. One particular example is, sticker being a weapon of choice for politicians to send their message across to the voters. Other businesses have used stickers as well for more than 500 years, for guerilla marketing tactics, outdoor campaigns, and even as giveaways.

A lot of factors can also affect the potential of custom stickers in marketing. One of the equally important factors to consider is the placement of the sticker itself. It should be in the right place, and at the right time to attract more customers. 

Here’s a list of the most effective places for your sticker marketing.

1. Stickers on car bumper

A car bumper is one of the classic places for stickers. Bumper stickers are witty and provocative that is why a car bumper has cemented itself to be the de facto space for social and political views, making it also an effective marketing space. Bumper stickers are also called mini-billboards that move around to reach a great number of people especially considered for delivery services. 

2. Stickers on product packaging

Paying careful attention to how you use stickers on products to attract customers’ attention is important. Note that, the product packaging can be the deciding factor on whether customers will purchase or not.

Through placing printed stickers on products, you may emphasize important sales information to your potential customers right on the package. List your products most exciting features, ingredients, or even instructions on how to use your product, you can choose to add that on the sticker design.

3. Stickers in the community

Planning to have a big sale? Doing a “buy one, get one free” promotion? Stickers can also be used as flyers should you think there’s not enough manpower to distribute those. The best places in the community to put your stickers are on poles, posts, signs, and bench armrests. Are some of the best places in your community to put your stickers on. Although a lot of cities now have ordinances against posting materials in public property. Always ask permission, also ask if there’s a designated area available where you can stick your stickers too. 

Tip: If ever you decide to use stickers within your community, the design must be bright to capture the attention. Don’t worry about the stickers getting damaged outdoor, our paper adhesive stock and coating are guaranteed to make your stickers durable enough and can withstand any weather condition for a reasonable amount of time.

4. Sticker on trade shows and company events

Stickers make food freebies, giveaways in sponsored events. This is doubly effective for companies which have memberships. Through stickers, you can be a part of your customer’s identity while they can be a part of yours.

Where else do you think stickers could be effective?